Center For Innovation & Incubation

Objectives of The Innovation and Incubation Cell

Objectives are, in fact, the landmarks achieved ones the cell gets fully operational. The objectives need to be multi-dimensional so as to benefit all the stakeholders. Objectives, like a rudder to ship, actually give the direction to the cell, to keep the working on the right track.

1) To provide conducive environment for research thinking leading to innovations
2) To become the hub of knowledge creation, curation and dissemination in the domain
of architecture design, landscape design, urban design, interior and product design etc.
3) To cater to the needs of society, urban & rural, in the above-mentioned domain
4) To help make research an integral part of architectural studies and profession, both at
teaching and practice level
5) To demonstrate to the user and society at large that architecture is so much more than
just visual aesthetics
6) To collaborate with various govt. and non-govt. organisation, at various levels, for
research, funding and start-ups
7) To position VPSoA as the leader in innovation and incubation, in the domain of
architecture & design, in India, for the benefit of studies, profession and society, in urban and rural context