Hostel & Mess


The institute provides comfortable clean and safe hostel accommodation, with requisite amenities and mess facility for all boys and girls requiring hostel facilities. The rooms are connected to the main server by Wi-Fi and high speed internet facility. Laundry services with washing machine are provided in each hostel. Each hostel has mess in the hostel building and provides water purifier with RO technology. Strict supervision of kitchen and drinking water facilities ensures cleanliness and hygiene.


The institute has a full-fledged canteen which is open to all for seven days. It offers a variety of wholesome and hygienic food-items at affordable cost

Hostel Review

At the hostel, Friday and Sunday is a delight because good food.

-Nagbanshi Tanya(First Year B.arch)

JioNet is the rescue.

– Swapnali Pawar (Third Year B.arch)

With seniors, Hostel always felt like home, because family isn’t always home.

-Ashwini Takawale( Second Year B.Arch)

Go to Bed late, but Pray First.Evening prayers at the hostel are peace time.

-Sonali Deshmukh  (Third Year B.Arch)

At Hostel D, the Rector is the Caretaker, Mama is the security, but get home by 7, Facilities like ironing,24/7 wifi ,washing clothes ,Tv Room are available and everything here is clean. The Courtyard and terraces are an add on and the friendships made here are worth cherishing. Little will you miss home!

-Jyoti Padwal(  Third Year B.Arch)