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Library – ‘The Knowledge Center’

The library with better resources is often termed as a ‘Knowledge Center’ for its users. Our mission is to make these resources available and useful to the VPSOA members. This will surely sustain and protect the collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.

VPSOA’s ‘Knowledge Center’ houses more than 2,000 resources which include  books, journals, magazines, dissertations, theses, students’ study reports etc. Every year, about 350+ resources are added to the Library. More than 30 national & international periodicals are subscribed to keep the users updated with the trends in the field.

The library collection covers subjects like Town Planning, Architecture, Art, History and civilization, Graphics, modelling Landscape design, Interior design, Furniture design, Computer aided design, Climatology & Building Science, Building Construction & Materials, Structural   design, Surveying & Leveling, Professional Practice and many more such books.

The important part of Library collections is its ‘Communication Skills’ resources comprising of a  variety of communication books and literature books in English, Hindi & Marathi. The purpose is to enhance the reading skills as well as giving all round exposure to the Architecture students which is very much needed

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